Swimwear shopping….hell on earth??

There are two types of women in the world…..those that love to slip into a swimsuit ..…and those that make sure that as much of their body as possible is covered by a t-shirt, a sarong and a large towel…..usually all at once!!

The worst thing about those of us that fall into the second category is that we put little thought into the swimsuit because we assume that it will be totally covered by that oversized t-shirt.

Why is this a problem?

Because we are likely to go out and buy a chain store one-size-suits-all swimsuit that doesn't support our breasts and emphasizes every bad spot that we have.

This then confirms what we thought in the first place about how bad swimsuits are.

Choosing a swimsuit that gives you good support and good shape is almost as important as choosing a bra that gives you good support and good shape.

Perhaps even more so because when you are wearing a tiny bit of lycra, there really is no hiding!!

But it doesn’t have to be horrible!!! Truly!!!

Firstly, buying a swimsuit because it is the cheapest and easiest to get you hands on is not a good idea. A little bit of effort now will make all the difference to your self-confidence at the beach!

Think support, support, support! It is just as important in a swimsuit as it is when choosing a bra.

If you want to skip all the reading and go straight to shopping for swimwear for large breasts ...click here....

All of the companies listed feature swimwear for large breasts and also bras and clothing.

But if you would like some style hints and tips first......

Bikinis & Tankinis

1. Shop for a bikini that you can mix and match the top and the bottom. That way you don’t have to buy two bikinis and throw half of each one away.

2. Do not EVER think that you can wear a bandeau top OR a string bikini.

Support should be the favorite word of a woman with large breasts and you will get very little of it in these types of bikinis.

3. A halter neck bikini is a good option because it will give support and it will also create an attractive cleavage.

4. Make sure that the top covers the breast so you are not continually worrying about falling out the side.

One Piece Swimsuits

1. Choose a one piece with a built in bra or underwire structure. The last thing you want is to give the impression that you have one large flat, pillow shaped breast.

You need the bra structure to lift and separate!

2. Make sure that it has thick shoulder straps, thin ones will literally cut into your shoulder because of the weight of your breasts.

Colors & Patterns

Don’t just try on black swimsuits!

And let’s not forget patterns. Having a pattern on your swimsuit will keep an onlooker’s eyes moving so that the whole focus is not on your breasts.

Other general swimsuit suggestions

Boy legs suit boys….and not many other people…..unless you are tiny!

A sarong is much more flattering than a little fluffy skirt attached to your swimsuit…you know the type I mean!

Whatever you do….remember that the SUN IS NOT YOUR FRIEND and apply generous amounts of sunscreen, particularly to your cleavage.

If the thought of shopping in public for a swimsuit still horrifies you even after reading all of these hints and tips.... click here to go to our Shopping page and try it online!

bikini for large breasts

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