Pregnancy doesn't mean huge breast growth!

Interesting fact: According to a study conducted at the University of Western Australia breast volume on average increases by 145 ml per breast during pregnancy.

Why is this important?

Because most people think that their breasts are going to increase by a HUGE amount when they are pregnant and for a woman with large breasts already….that thought can be a little scary!

The report from the study doesn’t mention the average overall weight gain of the women being monitored because obviously if you put on 40 kilograms when you are pregnant your breasts WILL get a whole lot bigger!

So the bottom line for women for large breasts is yes your breast size will increase during pregnancy however, if you maintain a healthy weight gain it will only be one or two cup sizes.

BUT being pregnant is when the benefits of having large breasts really kick in:


1. Pregnant women become self conscious about their breasts because the increase in size is so noticeable. NOT YOU. You are already comfortable living with large breasts!

2. The large breasts of a pregnant women can often be the first thing that you notice about them, followed by their big belly. NOT YOU. You already know how to dress to minimise your bust size!

3. Most women try to keep it a secret for the first trimester but their growing breasts give the game away. NOT YOU. Nobody will notice if you go up a cup size – large is already large!

4. Pregnant women have trouble shopping for a bra that fits them. NOT YOU. You are already aware of the guidelines for choosing a bra that fits you and you know where to shop.

5. Pregnant women with formerly small breasts are concerned with the changes and the appearance of their breasts as they grow. NOT YOU. You have large breasts, therefore you are used to having proportionally large areolas, you can already see the veins beneath the skin on your breasts and generally your nipples are large – in proportion with the size of your breasts.

6. Pregnant women often find that they have problems balancing and stumble at times. NOT YOU. You already have an altered center of gravity due to having large breasts, your back muscles are used to overcompensating for the frontward pull on your torso.

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