Why is posture important?

Good posture is essential if you have large breasts. The weight of your breasts will cause a gravitational pull on your body and you need to develop good posture to be able to counteract this pull.

Most people don’t have it….think about….slumping in front of the TV…..huddled at your seat in front of the computer…..slouching as you walk along the street…..

In fact so many people have bad posture that most are not even sure what good posture looks like.

There are two benefits from having good posture, the first is that it counteracts back pain and the second is that it makes you look slimmer!

How? If you stand tall, people can see your waist and this makes you look slimmer.

What does it look like?

Good posture

If you have proper posture, your whole body will be aligned. Imagine a straight line running from your ears through your shoulders, hips knees and down to your ankles.

Your shoulders would be level with each other and so would your hips.

The most common posture faults seen are rounded shoulders, an arched lower back or straining the head forward.

There are a couple of tests that you can do yourself to figure out what state your posture is in:

1. Stand with you heels about 15 cm away from a wall and with the back of your head just touching the wall.

2. Slide one hand between your lower back and the wall and the other hand between your neck and the wall.

3. If you have good posture your lower back hand should be approximately 3 – 5 cm from the wall and your neck hand should be approximately 5 cms from the wall.

The second test involves looking in a mirror:

1. Look at your reflection.

2. Is your head straight?

3. Are you shoulders level?

4. Are you hips level?

Now look side-on, or get someone else to look at you from the side:

1. Is your head straight or straining forward?

2. Is you chin parallel to the floor?

3. Are you shoulders in line with your ears or slumped forward?

Most people have bad posture…..these tests will prove that and will show you where you need to improve!

Once you work about what is wrong you can start improving it.

There are exercises that you can do that will assist you with your posture….but if you are not the exercising type…at least try the following:

Stand with your feet directly under you hips, parallel to each other and pointing forward.

1. Make sure your weight is balanced in the center of your feet.

2. Gently pull your stomach muscles in.

3. Drop your tailbone down. This may feel uncomfortable the first time you try it, particularly if you are used to standing with your bum sticking out.

4. Relax your chest and make sure that it is not thrust out OR caved in trying to hide.

5. Roll your shoulders up and then back. This will allow your chest to open up and your shoulder blades to sit lower.

6. Keep your chin parallel to the floor with your eyes looking straight forward.

This is proper posture.

You should try to realign yourself into proper posture as often as possible during the day.

The more often you do it, the more natural it will feel!

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