Breast Massage

Breast massage can assist with overall breast health and can slow down breast sag.

Breast massage has been performed for hundreds of years in India and is very well documented in Ayurveda.

Massage will help the lymph nodes to drain fluid from the breasts and some say that this could actually prevent breast cancer, so it’s worth giving it a try.

You must remember to be very careful because the breast tissue is quite delicate. You remember to only apply moderate pressure.

You can massage your own breasts, but if possible get someone else to do it for you. It's much more fun!!

Trust me it is quite a simple procedure and can be done sitting or standing, whichever is more comfortable.

Massaging one breast at a time:

1. Apply massage oil onto the breasts The oil should be applied in a circular movement, going from the center of the chest toward your underarm.

2. After your breast is fully covered in oil knead it by gently lifting your breast and pressing softly with both hands.

3. Very gently twist your breast using the flat of your fingertips in a clockwise and then an anticlockwise direction.

4. Lastly, your breast should be stroked using your fingertips from the center towards the side.

5. Repeat the four steps on the other breast.

This may all feel a bit strange at first but if you consider the possible health and appearance benefits it is worth persevering!!

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