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breast art

Kira Ayn Varszegi is an artist living in Hartford, Connecticut. She has to date had a successful career working in collaboration with Koopa the Turtle producing art work.

But Koopa has recently retired and Kira now dedicates her time to working on Breast Art.

All the art work that you see on this page is Breast Art created by Kira.

An Interview with Kira

LLB: Hi Kira, how long have you been producing Breast Art?

K: I created my first breast painting in January 2001.

breast art

New Hope #128

LLB: You have had success working in collaboration with Koopa the Turtle to produce art work and he has recently retired. What inspired you to start creating Breast Art?

K: I was breast painting before Koopa's career took off. I actually took a long break from breast painting to advance Koopa's career. He really is a very special turtle, and he deserved to put his mark on the world in a grandiose way. I have no regrets.

LLB: Have you seen an increase in the overall demand for Breast Art since you started?

K: It fluctuates. Right now the economy is terrible and art just isn't a necessity for a lot of people. And even when the economy is good, people don't just type "breast painting" into their search engine. It's hard to market something that people don't know exists.

breast art

New Hope #127

LLB: What is the average size and price of your paintings? And can buyers custom order paintings in specific colors?

K: The vast majority of my paintings are 18" x 24" and typical eBay selling prices run from $40 to $600. I try to accommodate all custom painting requests - contacting me directly via any of my websites for a quote is easy.

LLB: Obviously, having larger breasts helps with your art. Have you always been happy with the body you have been blessed with, or have you become more comfortable as you’ve gotten older?

K: I've struggled with poor self-esteem in the past, but it does seem to gradually get easier with age.

LLB: On your website you have a statement advising buyers not to ask for photos of you creating your Breast Art. Do you have to contend with a lot of sleaze because of your art?

K: Not that much...and it's nothing I can't handle.

Breast Art

New Hope #126

And finally:

LLB: What is your most favorite brand of bra?

K: The Playtex 18 hour bra

LLB: Thank you for your time and for sharing with us Kira.

K: Thanks, it was my pleasure.

If you would like to view more of Kira’s artwork or would like to contact her direct, she can be found at:

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