Having large breasts causes back pain ..…

Hmmm, nothing new there….but what can you do about it??

Back pain due to large breasts is caused by the gravitational forward pull of your breasts and this puts pressure on the spine. The level of pain varies from woman to woman and some women have lived with the pain for so long that they are no longer consciously aware that it is even there.

The first thing that you need to look at is your posture. Women with large breasts can tend to fall into one of two categories, those who hunch over to try and hide exactly how large their breasts are and those who hunch over because their breasts are so heavy.

Some women do both! And not only that, a bra that has a thin strap and is worn for a prolonged amount of time can cut into the muscle tissue causing further pain.

The second thing you need to contemplate is the type of sports bra you wear when you are exercising. If the sports bra you have chosen is not keeping your breasts in place and reducing the amount of bounce then you are putting more undue stress on your back muscles who are trying desperately to cope!

The sad thing is that most women don’t chose the right sports bra, find that exercising causes them more pain, stop exercising, put on weight, develop larger breasts and have more pain….talk about a vicious circle…..

So do solutions exist?

Sort of…..

1. Breast reduction surgery

2. Consult a physical therapist for posture exercises that can help you to develop your muscles to better support your breasts.

3. Get yourself into the right bra. A bra that fits well will evenly distribute the weight of your breasts.

Now…I have put breast reduction surgery at the top of the list only because it is the first thing that springs to mind, but seriously it such major surgery it should be a last option.

I know I harp on about finding the right fitting bra however I feel that I am finally justified, read on…..

Recently London's Royal Free Hospital released a statement advising that breast reduction surgery may not be a necessary step for women. Apparently they see around 100 women each year who want to have the surgery because of their back pain and they stated that all that is really wrong with many of them is they are wearing the wrong type of bra!!

Dr Alex Clark is a clinical psychologist at the Royal Free Hospital who helps women who are considering surgery. She stated "Women referred to the department who are considering bilateral breast reduction surgery for large breast size have the opportunity to be properly fitted by an expert bra fitter when they visit the clinic. This may be the first proper fitting they have had.

"To date, 100% of those fitted have been wearing the wrong size, overestimating the width of their back and underestimating cup size. This results in the weight of the breasts being carried by the shoulders rather than supported around the chest, and contributes to back pain."

Try it….what have you got to lose??

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